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Nail Tek: Foundation

Nail Tek: Foundation
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  • Foundation/Treatment/Ridge Filling Base Coats. Dries Matt. Also Suitable For Men.

    It is essential to use a Foundation Layer/Base Coat underneath your polish. This gives the polish something to ‘stick’ to and so your manicure will last longer.  In addition the NailTek Foundation Base Coats have TREATMENT/STRENGTHENING properties - so they treat your nails whilst they are holding the polish in place.

    The NailTek® range of manicure products was developed so that - with a little patience, routine work and great products -“Everyone can have their  own Beautiful Nails”. The Everyone includes YOU!

    The first step is correct Nail Analysis.  This is where YOU must decide into which category your nails fall... and then you chose the correct products from the NailTek range to rectify your problem. 

    NailTek: I              For Normal Nails
    NailTek: II     For Soft/Peeling Nails
    NailTek: III     For Hard/Dry/Brittle Nails 
    NailTek: XTRA      For Sick/Damaged Nails

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